The great adventure of Booms 19

The next day, Big Booms woke up first. He awakened Flipri and said:

“Today it is necessary to find the answer. Until I find out who I am, I will not be able to sleep peacefully,” and yawned loudly. “I did not get enough sleep, because all night I had a dream Question.”

Flipri and Big Booms again went to Strawberry Glade, to Pufik. Yesterday, when they helped Oiki and Oxinol, they completely forgot about their Question. Their path lay by the cave, in which Oiki’s Fearful Fear had previously lived.

«Interesting,» said Flipri. “And what is it that Oiki so noisy?”

«I do not hear anything,» said Booms.

«Of course, your ears are not as sensitive as mine,» replied Flipri, «Oiki is very angry today.» And it seems to me that he is angry with Oxinol. Shall we go and see?”

The friends rounded the hill, and approached the strange tree, under the roots of which lived Oiki. This tree was called strange because it grew in the air. Even from afar it was audible, as the power rustled in the trunk and branches, but the Tree obstinately did not want to grow.

“Enough playing!” they heard a loud scream.

Oiki ran around the tree and waved his wings angrily.

«Oiki, why are you so angry?» Asked Flipri.

«Oxinol is joking,» answered Oki.

Oxinol sat on the top of the Strange Tree. He tied a large petal to the cobweb and launched it, as if it were a kite. Spider laughed happily, watching the breeze rejoice in the new toy.

«Now I understand why I’m angry?» growled Oiki.

«Nothing is clear.» Big Booms said. «The kid came up with an interesting game, and you’re angry.»

“That’s just the point, baby!” shouted Oiki, running around Big Booms. «He needs to learn, and he only knows what to play.»

«What do you teach him, Oiki?» asked Flipri.

“Useful and important things!” said Oki with pride. «I’m trying to teach him how to build a nest, and he does not want to do it!» Oiki puffed up his wings indignantly and shouted:

«Oxinol, immediately stop messing around! »

«I’m not messing around,» the spider replied. «Hello, Big Booms and Flipri!»

He tied a spider web with a petal to a tree branch so that a breeze could entertain without him.

“Do not mess around?” shouted Oiki.  “And how else can you name what you are doing?”

«I’m studying,» said Oxinol.

«What can you learn from the wind? Pranks ?! Immediately go to build a nest!”

“Well, why should he learn to build a nest?”  Flipri was surprised. «Oiki, he does not need a nest, he can weave a fine web.»

«What if it rains?» Oiki did not give up. «What will he do in his web?»

«Gets wet,» Big Booms laughed.

«I’ll tie it under a tree and the tree will protect me from the rain with my leaves,» Oxinol replied.

«What tree?» exclaimed Oiki, running around the Strange Tree. «Under this tree? And with what leaves, tell me, will it cover you, if it is STRANGE ?! It does not want to grow!”

«I wonder … Booms, put me to the ground, I’ll talk to the tree,» said Flipri.

“Don’t the trees talk?”  Booms was surprised, but he fulfilled the request.

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