The great adventure of Booms 20

«It seems to me that something is wrong here,» she whispered, touching the trunk. “The tree trembles, hardly restraining the juices. He really wants to grow. Tree, why do not you grow?

«How does it answer you?» exclaimed Oiki. «The trees do not talk!»

«They’re talking,» said Flipri. «Only very quietly. To hear them, you should listen not with your ears, but with your heart.”

“Like this?” everyone was surprised.

«Very simple,» answered Flipri.  “You have to forget about everything that surrounds you and feel your heart. And then it will hear everything, everything! Even what the trees say.”

«But if the trees know how to speak, then why do not they make it loud?» Oiki was surprised.

“Trees are so shy! cried Flipri. «They try to attract attention.  Let’s find out why the Strange Tree does not want to grow.”

They fell silent and listened.

«I hear,» whispered Oxinol.

“I can hear it too!” exclaimed Oiki.

«Yeah,» Big Booms confirmed, smiling broadly, «I can hear it too. It grumbles as if it wants to! When I have a hunger, my stomach is just as grumbling at me!

“Yes, this is your stomach!” shouted Oiki and flashed his wings indignantly. «He grumbles and grumbles so hard that he can’t listen to the Tree!» he turned to Flipri and asked: «Flipri, what does it say?»

«It says it’s embarrassed to grow,» replied Flipri. “It turns out that it’s So Modest! The tree says that if it starts to grow, then it will have to take water from the ground and other substances necessary to the tree.”

«So why does not it do it?»  Big Booms was surprised.

«It’s shy. This tree is the biggest stubborn among all the trees in the world.”

«But what can I do? will this Tree never grow? “Oxinol almost cried.

«I do not know,» said Flipri.

She really wanted to help the unfortunate Strange Tree, which, because of its shyness, never blossomed. Its ears flinched, sparkles flashed on their tips.

“Strange tree, Earth says that you are worrying in vain. It says that it will gladly share with you all that it has itself,” exclaimed Flipri.

«And what does it say?» asked Big Booms, who still could not hear anything but the grumbling of his own stomach.

“And the Earth also knows how to talk ?!”  Big Booms was amazed.

«Of course,» answered Flipri. «He knows everything in the world, but many people do not know about it. We usually Listen. And it is necessary to hear!”

“What’s the difference? “ Big Booms scratched his head again.

“Great. For example, if I just Listen to the grumbling of your stomach, then only nagging sounds come to me — that’s all. It’s just someone else’s meaningless sound that hinders and annoys, distracting me from my interesting Thoughts and Feelings. And if I Hear this grumbling, then Understanding comes to me. And I begin to understand that you are very hungry and need food. And it does not irritate me, but call for action — I will understand and share food with you. When you Listen, everything goes through your ears and does not stay in you. And when you Hear — then the sounds fall into the heart and stay with you forever. Try again to Hear, Big Booms, and you will surely succeed!”

And Big Booms tried.

“I’ve done it!” he roared enthusiastically and suddenly realized:

“Strange Tree asks to remove the nest from under its roots, because it can break.”

“My nest!” shouted Oiki and began to pull the things out of the nest.

In the nest of Oiki lay several Heavenly Glitters, which he found, after he learned to fly. Also there were large heads of sunflowers, full of strong seeds, colored pebbles, large feathers dropped by an unknown creature, and many, many other small things.

Everyone began to help Oiki, and soon the place under the roots of Strange Tree was free.

«Thank you,» whispered Tree, and this time everyone heard it, because once you learn how to hear with your heart you’ll never forget it.

The strange tree gradually sank, its roots buried in the ground. The earth roared joyfully, hurrying to give them water, to share their strength. On the strange tree buds appeared. They cracked, and our friends saw how beautiful flowers bloomed.

«It said that very delicious cherries would ripen in place of the flowers,» whispered Oxinol and asked:

“What is a cherry?”

«Food!» roared Booms.

On that day, friends did not reach Strawberry Glade again, because Big Booms wanted to eat. And after dinner he suddenly fell asleep and did not wake him up.




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