The great adventure of Booms 21

“Wake up!”

«Why are you shouting so loud?» Flipri yawned and opened her eyes.

“Glitters have long been sparkling, and we have not had breakfast!”

Big Booms handed Flipri a slice of orange.

«Thank you,» she said.

“Eat soon, we go to Strawberry Glade!” said Big Booms.

Again, he dreamed the whole night of the Question, and he decided , by all means, to find the answer this day. But that day friends did not come to visit Pufik. They reached the hill. Flipri wanted to talk with the Spring. Big Booms did not argue, he also wanted to drink.

“Hello, Happy Spring!” said Flipri and crouched beside the water.

«Hello, Flipri!» Happy Spring rejoiced.  “I found a new Home, and now my water pleases the whole Enchanted World!”

“How good!”  Flipri laughed gaily, but, remembering the last meeting, she asked:

“What about the Harmful Fly? She wasn’t in touch for a time. Do not you miss her?”

“How can you miss the dirt, which produced the angry words ?!” the Happy Spring was surprised. “She flew in and swore a lot because I found a new home. She said that she will not be friends with me, and I will remain alone. Flipri, it turns out, she always deceived me! In the Enchanted World there are many inhabitants, and everyone is happy with my happy water.”

“I share your joy, Spring!”  Flipri exclaimed and asked:

«But what’s the Harmful Fly? Did her dirty words muddy your water?”

“No,» said the Spring. «When she sipped my water, something strange happened. The Harmful Fly did not grow, as it used to be. On the contrary, it has decreased and changed her color.”

«What was she like now?» asked Flipri.

“It has become dirty green!” cried Happy Spring.

“Bad Spring! “ it buzzed over his ear. Flipri looked around and saw the  Fly.

“Oh!” Flipri was surprised. The Harmful Fly was now a small and inconspicuous thing.

«Harmful Fly became what she was before meeting you!»

«I forgave her,» said the Happy Spring. “I really want her to be happy and, as before, she became beautiful and pink. But my water acts on it not as it used to. The more she drinks it, the less it becomes.”

“It’s a pity, but maybe the Fly herself will think why it happened. And it’s time for us. Goodbye, the Happy Spring! «Flipri scooped up some water, got drunk, and laughed happily, added:

«Thanks! »

«And thank you, Flipri, for an interesting conversation!» said the Spring, saying good-bye.

“All! We set out for!”  said Big Booms. “We go to Pufik. It is necessary to find the answer, otherwise I’ll lose weight! “ the dragon patted his round stomach and added:

“If you constantly skip dinner, it will become a bad habit.”

Flipri was in agreement with Big Booms. If you skip lunch, the Harvest Tree will be offended. Who is worth trying so hard to grow delicious fruit?

“Pufik stood under a large burdock and thought. Pufik liked strawberries a little bit less than thinking.  Maybe that’s why the Strawberry Glade was invented specially for him in the Enchanted World.

“Hello, Pufik!” said Flipri, but he did not answer. He was too deeply absorbed in his thoughts.

“Pufik, hello!” Big Booms shouted as loud as possible, but Pufik did not hear again.

«He thinks,» said Flipriб  “I hear his Thoughts, they are very Serious. Do not disturb him.”

“Why do we think Serious Thoughts?”  Booms was surprised. «It’s not interesting.»

«Very interesting,» retorted Flipri. “That’s when you think about who you are, and then you also think Serious Thought. And when you find the Answer, then you will look for another Question to think again.”

«What if I do not think?» asked Booms.

“Then you will again turn into a tree and to hear yourself, you will have to have a very large heart.”

«But I became a tree because of the Evil Fine Flower!» replied Big Booms. «Because I regretted it, not because I did not think in such!»

“If you were able to think Serious Thoughts, then you would know that the Pity never benefits. When you became a tree, everyone was sorry for you, willing to look after you, feeding you, so that the Parasite Flower had something to eat. And Pufik did not feel sorry for you, so he helped you.”

«Isn’t  Pufik so kind?» the dragon was surprised. «Why didn’t he take pity on me?»

“He is kind. He thought about how to help you, when everyone else thought how to Pity you. And these are different things!”

«I see,» Big Booms said, and sat down next to Pufik.

He decided that every day he would think Serious Thoughts in order not to become a tree again.

«You’ll find your answer at the bottom of the Talking Lake,» said Pufik without opening his eyes.

“How do you know that we need an answer?”  Big Booms was surprised.

«I heard it,» said Pufik. «I, too, can hear with my heart.»

“And what is there, at the bottom of the Speaking Lake?” asked Flipri.

“The Answer. Everyone who wants to know who he is dives to the bottom.”

«Did you dive too?» Big Booms asked.

«Of course,» answered Pufik. «I was the first to appear in the Enchanted World. That time I was also worried about the question: who I am? And then I dived into the waters of the Talking Lake to find the Answer.”

“Tell me, what did the Talking Lake answer you ?!” demanded Big Booms. He became very interested, and he prepared to listen. Booms even thought that the Harvest Tree would not be offended if it missed another dinner.

But Pufik smiled mysteriously and closed his eyes.

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