The great adventure of Booms 22

The hard-working Imedin was busy with something every minute. His fluffy fur coat could be seen in the Nut Grove, and in the thickets of the Delicious Drain, and on the Strawberry Glade. Even Imedin was friends with Honey Bee and he could always ask for honey. Inhabitants of the Enchanted World knew, while Imedin’s bright brown skin flashed in the distance, that everything would be all right in the world. But today Imedin was sitting on the porch of his house and wept bitterly.

“Imedin, do you have trouble ?!” cried Flipri.

«Something happened to my stock,» Imedin said. “Heavenly Glitters ceased to sparkle.”

“It can’t be!”  Flipri and Big Booms looked at the sky — the picture was in place, and dark spots were not observed anywhere.”

«Not those sparkles that are in the sky, but those that lie in my stock,» Imedin said. «I heard that you are going to descent to the bottom of the lake for an answer. But in order to do this, you need to have a sparkle with you. And I can’t even share it with you, because all the Heavenly Sparkles in my Stock have gone out!”

«Do not cry, Imedin,» said Flipri, “ show us your stock, maybe the Glitters themselves will tell you what happened to them.”

“Do the Heavenly Glitters know how to talk?”  Imedin was surprised. «I never heard them speak.»

«You’re not listening right!» said Big Booms with an air of importance.  “You listen with your ears, but you must listen with your heart! Lead us to the Stock, now we’ll figure out what happened there.”

They walked around the Speaking Lake, entered the shady twilight of the forest, and Imedin pointed at a hill of flower petals.

“There is a hole under. I planted it with petals, so that the snowflakes were comfortable to lie on. They are so fragile!” exclaimed caring Imedin. «I have not looked in here for a long time, and when I decided to see today whether everything is in order, it turned out that the sparkles went out.”

Imedin sank to his knees and began to rake away the petals. Flipri sat next to him, listening. Big Booms, on the contrary, moved away from the hole. Sparkles are small and fragile, not very huge, you can step on them. And if they do not get Glitters with Flipri, the annoying Question will torment him all his life, preventing from sleep at night.”

«They are grieving,» said Flipri, listening to the conversation of the celestial twinkles. “ In order to always glow, the Glitterers should at least occasionally see a heavenly picture!”

“They can’t be wrapped and covered?”  Imedin was amazed.  “What if something happens, and Glitterers will end?”

«Glitters say they never end. The more you share them, the more of them you will have. Look!”  Flipri exclaimed with bated breath.

Even for a few moments it was enough for the Heavenly Glitters to see the daylight, to rejoice and to shine brighter than before.

«Thank you.» Imedin took two Glitters from the hole. He handed one to Flipri, and the another one to Big Booms.

«Come, I’ll open the gates to you!»

Booms was so keen to be at the bottom of the Talking Lake, that he did not wait for Flipri and Imedin to reach the gate with their small legs. He picked them up and in two steps overcame the path. Imedin inserted the key in the keyhole and turned it three times. Big Booms checked if Flipri was holding the Heavenly Glitter, then lifted the baby in his arms and stepped toward the water.

«Happy journey,» Imedin said after the dragons, “good answers to you!”

Big Booms stepped into the water. He was very worried about Flipri. I thought, can the water hurt her ears? And Flipri was very worried that she didn’t ask the stocky Imedin for at least one banana for Booms. He’s sure to be hungry on the road! But they did not have time to say this to each other — the water spun by a quick funnel and pulled them along. The current was so strong that Big Booms could not hold the small Flipri. She was blown away somewhere.

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