The great Adventure of Booms

“Flipri!” shouted Big Booms, but it was a quiet cry, like the mewing of a small kitten. Flipri wanted to answer Big Booms, but she failed.

And suddenly everything died down. The bottom was strewn with the Heavenly Glitters. In the water their shine was as beautiful as it was in the firmament. From the bottom, swaying, rose stems of water lilies, between which scurried small colorful fish. Near the stems lay a large sink, in which an invisible artist slept.

«Why is it invisible?»  Big Booms was surprised. «I can see it perfectly!»

«I’m invisible because I work at night,» the artist replied, opening his eyes, «everyone is asleep and no one sees me.»

“And you’re not scared?” asked Flipri, looking at someone who every morning gives joy to all the Enchanted World.

“Why to be afraid? “answered the artist, blowing air bubbles. “Night is just like the day. Just can’t  see anything. I like to work at night — quietly, no one distracts from a favorite occupation. Why did you come here?”

«I really need to know who I am!» cried Big Booms.  “This question  tortured me so much that I can’t sleep!”

«Yes, said the Flipri’s friend, «We just need to know.»

“What is your name? “ asked the artist.

«I’m Big Booms, and she’s Flipri,» the big dragon replied.

«Booms, tell me, who is Flipri?»  smiled the artist.

“She is my friend!”

«And now you, Flipri, tell us, who is Big Booms?»

“He is my friend!” answered Flipri.

«You got the Answer,» said the Invisible Artist and ducked into the sink to keep on sleeping.

“Everything was so simple?” there was a disappointment in Flipri’s voice. “We have been looking for the answer for so long, but it turned out that it was always with us?”

“Of course, the answers are always beside the Questions. And if you do not see the answer itself, then ask the one who stands next to you — maybe he knows better? “ said the Artist and fell asleep.

Again the whirlpool began to spin …

When Booms opened his eyes, he saw a kind face above him.

«Mom,» he wanted to say, but he couldn’t — he did not know how to talk.

“Hello, son!” said mother, and Big Booms understood her.

He still remembered the Enchanted World, and was worried about Flipri — where is she now, is she all right? And somewhere in the other city, and even in another country a little girl appeared. She also remembered the Enchanted World, but not for long.

Someday, when they grow up, they will definitely meet to find together the answer to the important question: who are they. And on the way they will meet both wise Pufik, and noisy Oiki, and shy Oxinol. They will argue with the Harmful Fly, defeat Grym and Kuzyoba, and all other previous heroes.

Sometimes Booms and Flipri will be returning to the Enchanted World to get a new question, which, of course, needs its appropriate Answer!


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